Who Am I?

Jessica Wooten, Owner

Hi!! I’m Jessica Wooten, founder of Blanks by Woo LLC and J. Woo Creations LLC. I am a mother of one with a loving supporting partner that has been behind me every step of the way.

After being mentored by one of the Queens of Sublimation, we noticed that was a HUGE demand in the United States for sublimation blanks, but not enough vendors to supply the market, so HERE WE ARE!!!

Our mission is to offer high quality and affordable sublimation blanks for the average crafter. Being a crafter myself, it is important to find reasonably priced blanks so that you can pass these saving along to your customers all while maintain your business goals.

Be sure to tag us on Facebook [@BlanksbyWoo] and Instagram [@blanksbywoo] with any items created with our products and be sure to leave a review. We’d love to hear from you! 

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